DIY Skydive Datalogger Build Log 1

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I have long been interested in navigation and data collection. So when I started skydiving, I couldn’t help but wonder what certain sensor readings of the jump and subsequent parachute flight looked like... READ MORE

MakeMIT 2015

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MakeMIT is MIT’s annual hardware hackathon competition, where teams are given a short time period (~15 hours) and a collection of hardware to build something new, clever, or interesting. The 2015 competition took place... READ MORE

MIT xFair 2015

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MIT has an organization called TechX that, among many other events, organizes an annual career fair where many well-known companies come to campus for recruiting. What makes this fair unique, however, is the fact... READ MORE

New York Maker Faire 2014

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I never had a chance to go to Maker Faire before, so when MIT’s Electronic Research Society (MITERS) announced a trip, I was very excited. We had our very own booth with the... READ MORE

Dorm Room Design

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Getting to move into my own dorm room has actually been something I’ve looked forward to for a while. It would finally give me the freedom to transform my space into whatever I... READ MORE

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